Agatha Christie

One of my absolute favourite authors is Agatha Christie. I sometimes forget that she was born not in the last century but the one before that. Her works are well thought out and interesting. They are a bit of escapism with wonderful plots which aren’t too horrific.

She is the best selling novelist of all time and yet she received many rejections from publishers early in her career. If that is not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

I loved reading and watching Agatha Christie stories growing  up and this love has stayed with me. Hercule Poirot is to this day one of my most loved characters from a book. I also aspire to use the “little grey cells” on a regular basis. I love the way the stories conclude with all the characters being bought together and the plot being explained and the culprit outed.

Whilst I don’t know all the stories, some of the (for example Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile) I could recount to you the whole story and subplots. You almost never see the plot twists and turns coming and the way the stories are told is just sensational. Bearing in mind she was first writing during the First World War, she is nothing short of a trailblazer as a writer, but the fact she was a woman too means so much. She was writing those early stories before women even had the vote in the UK. It’s mind blowing. She may not have had her first novel published until 1920, but she continued to write even after rejection and thank goodness for the rest of us she did. I for one feel the literary world is a much better place with her works in it.

Her name is a British Institution and I hope it remains as such for ever. Long Live the Queen (of crime)!

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